Version History

Version 23.03 (19/3/2023)

  • Added new timeline menu option to move selection to a new step.
  • Place new pieces relative to the side of the piece under the mouse.
  • Scan submodels when dragging a new piece into the model.
  • Added support for trackpad pan gesture.
  • Slow down mouse wheel zoom when the shift key is down.
  • Added option to print from the instructions dialog.
  • Weight vertex normals based on the angle of each face.
  • Customizable object colors.
  • Removed commas from descriptions in csv files.
  • Added --export-csv command line option.
  • Almost unlimited control points in synthesized pieces
  • Fixed menus in fullscreen mode on Windows.
  • Fixed missing steps at the end of instructions.
  • Fixed submodels not being added to instructions.
  • Fixed gradient background tiles.
  • Fixed POV render issues with synth parts.
  • Don't show invalid submodels in properties parts list.

Version 21.06 (5/6/2021)

  • Synthesize Technic Pneumatic Tubes
  • Added option to choose the axis icon location.
  • Added LeoCAD to the Linux Snap Store.
  • Added preview indicator for synth parts.
  • Fixed crash loading certain parts.
  • Fixed moving pieces while editing submodels in place.
  • Fixed loading primitives from
  • Made library installation optional in the Windows installer.
  • Highlight missing parts in the timeline.
  • Add Unhide selected menu item

Version 21.03 (14/3/2021)

  • Added option to draw conditional lines.
  • Added option to draw logos on studs.
  • Added option to draw high contrast studs.
  • Added option to configure edge colors.
  • Added new find/replace widget.
  • Improved Bricklink xml export.
  • Added option to paste parts and keep their original steps.
  • Added model measurements to the Properties Dialog.
  • Load official parts before unofficial parts.
  • Fixed mac retina display issues.

Version 21.01 (12/1/2021)

  • Switched to a dark color theme by default.
  • Added a new interactive 3D preview window.
  • Added an option to fade previous steps and support a new translucent fade mode.
  • Added user defined part palettes and favorites.
  • Added stud logo option.
  • Added support for customizing the interface colors.
  • Save files with OMR style headers.
  • Replaced HTML parts list with BOM style image.
  • Use part color instead of the edge color in wireframe mode.
  • Added Spanish and Czech translations.
  • Added language option.
  • Added minifig template import/export options.
  • Added color picker tool.
  • Added support for more synth parts.
  • Added new ways to change the color of pieces.
  • Added option to change the color of the grid origin lines.
  • Added shortcut support to more actions.
  • Added option to disable restoring tabs when loading a model.
  • Added more camera command line options.
  • Added warning when assigning a keyboard shortcut that is already assigned to something else.
  • Better part placement when dragging new parts to a model.
  • Improved zoom extents in some cases.
  • Prevent users from collapsing the category/parts lists completely.
  • Split console output into stdout and stderr when running in CLI mode.
  • Use antialised lines when antialiasing is enabled.
  • Render Dialog fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed errors loading certain MPD files.
  • Fixed view size on retina displays.
  • Fixed view rolling when using Look At.
  • Fixed color popup being shown across multiple monitors.
  • Fixed the context menu showing when a clickable tool is assigned to the right mouse button.

Version 19.07 (14/7/2019)

  • Add inplace submodel editing.
  • Added View Sphere.
  • Upload continuous builds to GitHub.
  • Improved render dialog.
  • Allow custom color and minifig settings files.
  • Added an option to save and load minifig templates to the Minifig Wizard.
  • Support exporting flexible parts.
  • Added flexible support for Hose Flexible parts and Technic Flex-System hoses.
  • Added German and Ukrainian translations.
  • Added --shading and --line-width command line options.
  • Added option to auto load the most recent file.
  • Renamed Models to Submodels for consistency.
  • Duplicate groups when duplicating pieces.
  • Prompt to save ldr files with multiple models as mpd.
  • Support closing models tabs with a middle mouse click.
  • Added link to the bug report page on GitHub.
  • Allow undoing hiding operations.
  • Switched Windows exe to use DLLs.
  • Fixed hidden parts being visible in submodels.
  • Fixed hidden parts being exported and shown in parts lists.
  • Fixed model comments being duplicated every time undo is used.
  • Fixed POV export when a part is missing from the library.
  • Fixed BrickLink export issues.
  • Fixed z-fighting problems with some parts.
  • Fixed ldconfig.ldr loading on case sensitive file systems.
  • Fixed bounding box calculation of parts without triangles.
  • Fixed normal smoothing between texture and untextured triangles.
  • Fixed primitives in p/8/ not being found.
  • Fixed crash when deleting a submodel being edited in another view.
  • Fixed crash when passing a quote on the command line.

Version 18.02 (18/2/2018)

  • Added support for cylindrical and spherical texmap.
  • Support dragging colors from the color palette to paint pieces.
  • Fixed inventory import on Linux and macOS.
  • Fixed small rendering issue on some parts.
  • Fixed part names not updating after its file changed on disk.
  • Fixed parts inside mpd files not drawing.
  • Fixed pan not working when the center of the model is behind the camera.
  • Prevent mouse shortcuts from overriding overlay actions.
  • Fixed moving the pivot point of rotated pieces.
  • Fixed case where Remove View was removing the wrong view.

Version 18.01 (15/1/2018)

  • Simplified toolbars.
  • Added new piece free movement mode.
  • Added option to import set inventories from Rebrickable.
  • Added new Render Dialog to replace the old POV-Ray Dialog.
  • Added new piece selection modes (select by color, part or both).
  • Added COLLADA exporter.
  • Added option for alternate mouse shortcuts with defaults that match LDD.
  • Added wireframe view option.
  • Added Shift+LMB shortcut to remove selection.
  • Added a progress dialog at startup while LeoCAD is scanning folders for parts.
  • Remember previous view layout when loading a file.
  • Fixed saving images with multisampling.
  • Fixed unresponsive UI while loading complex primitives.
  • Fixed POV-Ray camera not matching LeoCAD.
  • Fixed part names being changed to uppercase when saving files.
  • Fixed Minifig Wizard hand accessories orientation.
  • Replaced 10 degrees angle snap with 22.5 degrees.

Version 17.07 (3/7/2017)

  • Added shaded rendering option.
  • Added option to import files from LEGO Digital Designer.
  • Added 'Select by Color' dialog.
  • Added new command line options: --viewpoint, --orthographic, --camera and --model.
  • Added 'Duplicate Piece' action.
  • Replaced HTML parts list table at the end of the instructions with an image.
  • Synthesize power functions linear actuators.
  • Support loading parts from the 'unofficial' LDraw folder.
  • Support loading textures from the same folder of the model being loaded.
  • Fixed AA setting not being applied to the first view.
  • Fixed stud grid color option not working.
  • Fixed part highlight option not working.
  • Fixed loading files with non latin characters in their names.
  • Fixed color alpha when exporting Wavefront obj files.

Version 17.02 (12/2/2017)

  • New parts list widget.
  • Faster model loading.
  • Updated parts library.
  • Fixed issues saving images from the command line.
  • Crash fixes.

Version 0.83.2 (2/12/2016)

  • Improved loading of files in the same folder as the current model.
  • Better piece insert position calculation.
  • Open files when they are dropped on the main window.
  • Fixed a crash on startup in some cases (Windows).

Version 0.83.1 (13/8/2016)

  • Search the current path for submodels when opening files.
  • Optimizations for loading very large models.
  • Added option to control which models to export to HTML.
  • Fixed incorrectly localized numbers.
  • Fixed the position of rotated objects in the properties pane.
  • Fixed HTML export of models with only 1 step.
  • Fixed context menu not showing in some cases.
  • Fixed loading flex pieces without control points.
  • Fixed loading pieces with more than 64k verts.
  • Fixed Minifig Wizard crash.

Version 0.83 (14/5/2016)

  • Added support for dynamically generated parts (Technic Ribbed Hoses, Flexible Axles, Braided Strings and Shock Absorbers).
  • Added option for specifying the pivot point of a piece (Drag the movement arrows with the Right Mouse Button).
  • Submodels now open in a separate tab on the main window.
  • Configurable mouse shortcuts.
  • Added more context menu options.
  • Allow changing multiple pieces at the same time using the properties widget.
  • Better piece rotation.

Version 0.82.2 (14/11/2015)

  • Added Portuguese and French translations.
  • Added new toolbar and menu icons.
  • Mouse buttons 4 and 5 can now be used for navigating steps.
  • Added total parts to the Properties Dialog.
  • Fixed POV-Ray command line.
  • Fixed Timeline not updating correctly in some cases.

Version 0.82.1 (12/4/2015)

  • Fixed crash on startup if a toolbar was floating when the application was closed.

Version 0.82 (4/4/2015)

  • Added Timeline toolbar to show what parts were added at each step.
  • Added support for drawing triangles and lines in model files.
  • Preserve original file comments when saving.
  • Added Wavefront and 3DS export command line options.
  • Rendering optimizations.
  • Better pan tool sensitivity.
  • Improved zoom extents and zoom region.
  • Fixed MPD loading bugs.
  • Fixed Minifig Wizard crash.
  • Fixed waist accessory selection in the Minifig Wizard.
  • Fixed saving images from the command line.
  • Fixed mouse wheel in Qt5.
  • Fixed line width not being set for edge lines.
  • Fixed option to disable drawing lines.
  • Fixed steps and keyframes not saving correctly.

Version 0.81 (18/1/2015)

  • Added support for multiple models and including submodels in the main model.
  • Changed save file format to ldr/mpd (loading lcd is still supported).
  • Added support for loading models that with pieces that are scaled or mirrored.
  • Added support for loading, just place it in the same folder that the library is.
  • Added toolbar button for toggling relative transformation mode.
  • Added support for more than 255 steps in a model.
  • Improved movement and rotation of pieces.
  • Added more pieces to the built-in library.
  • Fixed crash when adding pieces with very long descriptions.

Version 0.80.4 (6/4/2014)

  • Correct fix for OSX retina displays.

Version 0.80.3 (5/4/2014)

  • Fixed mouse coordinates in OSX retina displays.
  • Fixed shortcuts in the parts tree.

Version 0.80.2 (25/1/2014)

  • Added Look At command.
  • Added orthographic projection option.
  • Added editing of group names from the Edit Group Dialog.
  • Fixed wrong transform of some pieces when importing nested LDraw files.
  • Fixed printing and saving images on certain Intel video cards.
  • Fixed grid studs being enabled by grid lines option.
  • Fixed piece arrows not being drawn if the axis icon is enabled.
  • Preserve groups when merging.

Version 0.80.1 (2/9/2013)

  • Added option to draw studs on the base grid.
  • Added option to ignore a new version when checking for updates.
  • Fixed 3DS export bugs.
  • Fixed loading mpd files with spaces in the name.
  • Fixed Used Parts List column mismatch.
  • Fixed find command getting disabled incorrectly.
  • Fixed bug restoring window position when maximized.
  • Fixed calling POV-Ray to render files.

Version 0.80 (13/8/2013)

  • Switched user interface to Qt on all platforms.
  • Added native Mac OS X version.
  • Added dialog to search for specific parts in the current model.
  • Added option to export used parts in CSV format.
  • Save crash dump on Windows.
  • Fixed some parts being rendered incorrectly.
  • Fixed crash on Windows computers with the policy to disable recent menu files.

Version 0.79.3 (6/3/2013)

  • Improved camera rotation.
  • Renamed default view positions.
  • Added option to print Bill of Materials for a model.
  • Added a small built-in parts library in case a real one is not available.
  • Added export to Brick Link.
  • Added option to display piece ID and select the piece color to the HTML exporter.
  • Added drag and drop support from piece list on Linux.
  • Added middle mouse button and mouse wheel support on Linux.
  • Added camera rotate and zoom to the Minifig Wizard preview.
  • Fixed 3ds export colors.

Version 0.79.2 (21/1/2013)

  • Fixed rendering problems on computers with a decimal point other than a dot.
  • Fixed wrong pieces being selected after dragging a new piece from the piece list.
  • Better Linux desktop integration.

Version 0.79.1 (2/1/2013)

  • Fixed rendering glitch with some translucent pieces.
  • Don't change view during undo or redo.
  • Fixed crash changing directories in the Linux file dialog.
  • Fixed bug loading textures from zip files.
  • Read parts.lst when using a library folder directly.

Version 0.79 (13/12/2012)

  • Switched to a new library file format.
  • Added support for texture mapped pieces.
  • Added support for using the LDraw library directly.
  • Load color config from ldconfig.ldr where the library is located.
  • Save view layout between sessions.
  • Allow the pieces search text box to auto-complete when entering piece numbers.
  • Fixed errors on big endian computers.
  • Zoom extents after loading a file.

Version 0.78.1 (21/09/2012)

  • Fixed crash loading files with pieces not in the library.
  • Fixed Linux Properties Dialog crash.
  • Fixed wrong stud radius.
  • Added message about unsaved shortcut changes.

Version 0.78 (14/08/2012)

  • New mouse overlay when in selection mode.
  • Added transform entries to the toolbar.
  • Added option to keep adding pieces with the mouse if the control key is pressed.
  • Added support for new minifig accessory categories.
  • Added MSAA support.
  • Fixed 3DS export colors.
  • Fixed mouse detection over the move overlay.
  • Fixed bug rotating multiple pieces.

Version 0.77 (05/07/2012)

  • Added new colors.
  • Faster rendering on video cards that support Vertex Buffer Objects.
  • Fixed bug exporting certain Wavefront files.
  • Fixed instructions printing not centering correctly.
  • Fixed bug where translucent pieces at the same position could cause a crash.
  • Fixed shortcuts conflict with the Properties Pane.
  • Updated Minifig Wizard settings.

Version 0.76.2 (07/04/2012)

  • Added command line option to create Pieces Library.
  • Fixed bug exporting Wavefront files.
  • Fixed bugs importing pieces.

Version 0.76.1 (05/04/2012)

  • Fixed bug where piece categories would not expand on some computers.

Version 0.76 (18/03/2012)

  • Updated Windows interface to a more modern style.
  • Updated Linux dialogs and interface.
  • Views can now be dynamically created and resized.
  • Added shortcut to quickly pan/zoom/rotate while holding the control key down and pressing the L/M/R mouse buttons.
  • Replaced the Modify toolbar with the Properties bar.
  • Updated POV-Ray export to support the current LGEO library.
  • Added Import Folder option to the Pieces Library Manager.
  • Better color conversion when importing pieces.
  • Insert placeholder pieces when loading files with pieces not in the library so they are not deleted when saving.
  • Changed position units to match LDraw.
  • Fixed bug where 3DS objects were not exported as double sided.
  • Fixed decimal separator when saving text files on computers with certain language settings.
  • Fixed stud rendering bug in pieces with a large number of vertices.

Version 0.75.2 (17/06/2011)

  • Added support for pieces with names longer than 8 characters.

Version 0.75.1 (11/07/2010)

  • Minifig Wizard can now read its settings from a config file.

Version 0.75 (31/03/2006)

  • Added rubber band selection (drag the mouse to select pieces inside a given region).
  • Added the ability to rotate the piece preview camera.
  • Added independent XY and Z snap values.
  • Added an overlay for helping rotate the camera.
  • Added an option to check for new versions at startup.
  • Added drag and drop of pieces from the Pieces Toolbar to the project.
  • New pieces are added at the same pos/orientation as the currently selected one.
  • When adding new pieces with the mouse their position is now previewed before inserting.
  • Changed piece movement to be relative to the currently selected piece by default.
  • Replaced the piece groups with a category tree in the Pieces Toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some pieces to be incorrectly rotated after importing an LDraw file.
  • Pressing the delete key while in the pieces search window no longer deletes pieces in the project.
  • The size of the pieces toolbar will now be remembered when you restart the program.

Version 0.74 (18/02/2005)

  • Fixed rotation bug.
  • Added icons to help moving/rotating pieces with the mouse.
  • Added support for custom user shortcut keys.
  • Added support to Big Endian computers (Linux PPC).
  • Added new pieces to the Minifig Wizard.
  • Added commands to insert and delete steps when creating instructions.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause pieces to disappear when rotating them.
  • Fixed some bugs in the 3DS exporter.
  • Fixed a crash loading files in computers configured to use different decimal separators.
  • Fixed a crash with the Zoom Extents command.
  • Fixed a crash loading very big pieces.

Version 0.73 (18/12/2000)

  • Fixed rotation bug.
  • Fixed a bug when you insert a piece after a rotated piece wouldn't show the new piece correctly.
  • Fixed Z buffer bug in the piece preview.
  • Fixed blending in piece preview.
  • Fixed bug when exporting POV-Ray files using LGEO.
  • Fixed small bug in the texture font.
  • Fixed startup crash under win2k.
  • Adding rotation angles to each minifig wizard option.
  • Added an option to save custom minifigs to the Minifig Wizard.
  • Added new minifig pieces to the minifig wizard.
  • Added Save Picture dialog to the Linux version.
  • Added an overwrite prompt when saving a project under Linux.
  • Added project loading preview to the Linux version.
  • The Pieces toolbar can now be resized when docked or detached from the main window (Linux).
  • Fixed animation playback under Linux.
  • Fixed the numeric keypad under Linux.
  • Fixed problem with "focus follow mouse" in X.
  • Updated the Linux Array dialog.
  • Enabled the "Make Default" button of the preferences dialog (Linux).
  • Save window position and size under Linux.
  • The toolbar menu now has the checkboxes correct (Linux).
  • Remember toolbar state between sessions (Linux).
  • Added Linux man page.

Version 0.71 (9/19/99)

  • Rendering is 30% faster in some 3D video cards
  • New way of moving objects with the mouse
  • Double click now selects the object under the cursor
  • Pasted pieces are selected now
  • Fixed a bug loading groups from old files
  • Fixed a bug in the .obj export code
  • Several small bugs fixed

Version 0.70 (8/20/99)

  • First Linux version
  • Added new command line options
  • You can now work with multiple clipboards
  • Added 2 buttons to move pieces to the next/previous step
  • It’s now possible to have infinite groups depth
  • You can now specify a default path for .lcd files
  • Added a dialog to edit the piece groups
  • Added support for saving interlaced GIFs
  • Removed the spaces from the color names in .obj files
  • Fixed a bug reading compressed .bmp files
  • Fixed a bug choosing the image format when saving html pages
  • Groups are now pasted correctly
  • Fixed a bug with the file/merge command

Version 0.66 (5/27/99)

  • Fixed a bug in the piece preview window
  • Fixed a bug in the Array dialog
  • Arrays created from groups of pieces are now rotated correctly

Version 0.65 (4/26/99)

  • Added a reset cameras command
  • Changed the transparency to alpha blending
  • Changed the print preview toolbar
  • Fixed a bug in the minifig wizard
  • Fixed a bug when loading some files
  • Fixed a copy & paste bug
  • Fixed the delete camera command
  • Fixed a bug running POV-Ray
  • Fixed a bug creating HTML instructions

Version 0.64 (3/27/99)

  • Added a terrain editor
  • Added a completely new POV-Ray export function
  • Added 3DS and OBJ color export
  • Added a menu to set the snap spacing from the status bar
  • Fixed a bug changing the tabs in the Preferences dialog
  • Fixed a bug loading/saving piece groups
  • Fixed a bug with the name of pasted pieces
  • Fixed the option to set the size of the base grid

Version 0.63 (2/12/99)

  • Redone the background rendering routines
  • Exporting to HTML can now create pictures of the pieces used
  • Added an option to update the Piece Library
  • Fixed a bug importing LDraw files
  • Fixed a bug with the Print Preview
  • Fixed a bug running L2P

Version 0.62 (1/21/99)

  • Added functions to export files to Wavefront & 3DS (no colors yet)
  • Added an option to draw a floor & sky
  • Added tooltips for the toolbar buttons
  • Added an option to highlight new pieces when creating HTML files
  • Fixed a bug with the minifig wizard
  • Fixed a bug loading the program on some computers
  • The title bar now correctly shows the name of the file loaded

Version 0.61 (1/13/98)

  • About 40% speed increase
  • Accurate selection of pieces
  • Improved AutoPan/MouseWheel support
  • Autosave re-enabled
  • Basic animation support
  • Fixed some bugs loading old files

Version 0.60 (12/24/98)

  • Rewrote the program, too many changes to list

Version 0.54 (08/25/98)

  • Added an option to save transparent GIFs
  • Added an option to show the piece position on the status bar
  • Added an auto-save feature
  • Added an option to use "Brick" units instead of centimeters
  • Improved the way the program draw the lines
  • Pressing CTRL while the rotate tool is selected changes temporarily to pan (and vice-versa)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Infobar from floating
  • Fixed a bug with the print preview
  • Fixed a bug with the color selector on some video cards
  • When a new piece is inserted, it is now placed above the previously selected one
  • Changed some more colors (now black is a very dark grey and the edge lines are black)

Version 0.53 (07/31/98)

  • Added an option to preview the position of new pieces
  • Added a function to print a list of pieces used
  • Fixed a bug with 256 colors displays
  • You can now select cameras with the mouse
  • Improved the zoom rectangle tool
  • The groups toolbar is now updated when you add/remove a new group
  • Changed some colors a little bit

Version 0.52 (07/17/98)

  • Added new colors
  • Added a function to import a single LDraw piece into the library
  • Improved the minifig wizard
  • Tuned up the application to use less memory (about 6MB less)
  • Removed the shaded caption bar (Windows 98 will do it)
  • Changed the format of the piece library
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 0.51a (06/25/98)

  • Fixed a bug with the LDraw import and export routines
  • Fixed a bug with the print catalog command on high resolution printers
  • It’s now possible to set the size of the preview window on the pieces toolbar

Version 0.51 (06/16/98)

  • Rotations of more than 1 brick are now correct
  • Fixed a bug with the piece preview palette on 256 colors
  • Fixed another bug with the 'Save toolbar position' option
  • LeoCAD now remembers the 'view part number' settings
  • Background/Fast Rendering options are saved with the projects
  • Added an option to save a preview of the project files
  • Added an option to print a header & footer
  • Added an option to set print margins
  • Added a print setup tab on the preferences dialog
  • Added: save GIF files
  • Added: save 256 colors BMP files
  • Added: save progressive JPG files
  • Added a button to browse for background images
  • It's possible to use GIF files as background
  • Moved the 'Save Picture' command to the 'Save As' dialog
  • Moved the 'Import LDraw' command to the 'Open' dialog

Version 0.50a

  • Added an option to print with lower quality (using less memory)
  • Fixed a bug closing the print preview

Version 0.50

  • Added a function to export files to POV-Ray (using LGEO)
  • Added a function to check for new versions
  • Added a function to print all pieces on the library
  • Added a function to send a project by e-mail
  • Added a function to save a sequence of pictures (to create a QTVR object)
  • Added an option to choose how many steps per page are printed
  • Added an option to draw a border around each step printed
  • Changed the ‘3D Snap’ button on the toolbar to display a menu
  • Fixed a bug saving the toolbars position
  • Fixed a bug with the selection of bricks with multiple viewports enabled

Version 0.49

  • Added an option to save JPG files
  • Added an option to use a JPG file as background
  • Added tooltips for the color list
  • Added a 'total' field to the 'Pieces Used' list
  • Added a command to create HTML instructions
  • Added new movement modes keyframer/snapshot
  • Fixed/Added some options to the interface
  • Fixed the camera submenu
  • Fixed a bug that would crash the program while rendering in the background

Version 0.48

  • Added an option to remove a brick after a chosen step
  • Added an option to draw the studs as boxes
  • Added a dialog to create minifigs
  • Added an option to set the mouse sensitivity
  • Added an ‘Apply’ button to the ‘Step’ and ‘Camera’ dialog
  • The ‘Camera’ dialog now gets correctly updated
  • The info bar now shows the rotations and get updated correctly
  • Better LDraw import
  • Fixed a bug with the print preview in full screen mode
  • No more duplicate names on the brick combobox
  • The brick bar now shows the popups when you right click on almost any place

Version 0.47

  • Fixed a bug that would crash LeoCAD on some computers

Version 0.46

  • New color list
  • The keyboard keys now move/rotate on the direction of the screen
  • Numeric keypad now works correctly
  • It is possible to group the parts and keep the brick combobox
  • Fixed some problems with the save bitmap dialog
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t change the preferences on the second thread
  • When the program is not active, it will redraw the window faster
  • No more ‘~Moved to’ parts on the list of used pieces

Version 0.45

  • Added a button to save default options for new projects
  • Added a dialog to modify a brick
  • Added an option do remove the hidden lines on the fast rendering
  • Added an option to draw filled boxes instead of only the edges
  • Added some options to hide the camera ‘boxes’
  • Faster grid
  • Faster rendering
  • Zoom extents all viewports (hold control and press the icon on the toolbar)
  • Changed a little bit the right button popups
  • Completely rewrote the Part Library Manager
  • Added a command to import Ldraw parts from a directory

Version 0.44

  • Now LeoCAD saves the fog/background bitmap options of every project
  • Some more popup menu options

Version 0.43

  • Fog effect
  • Load the background from a bitmap file
  • Option to save the toolbars position enabled
  • Menus with icons
  • LDraw models are now imported with the current color of the combobox
  • Better axis icon
  • Bricks are now pasted on the current step
  • Bricks that were grouped when copied to the clipboard are pasted correctly
  • Now correctly works with the ‘file/new LeoCAD project’ from windows explorer
  • Fixed a bug that would show a GPF sometimes when exiting the program

Version 0.42

  • Multiple viewports
  • New parts are now inserted above the last part if you use the keyboard
  • Zoom extents will not freeze LeoCAD anymore
  • Fixed bugs on some old parts
  • Added 52 new parts

Version 0.41

  • LeoCAD is now multithreaded
  • Added 45 new parts
  • Added new clear colors
  • Added a command to ‘hide’ bricks
  • Added shortcuts to the predefined views
  • Added shortcuts to zoom function (-/+ keys)
  • Added an icon that shows the axis orientation
  • Added a dialog to change the current step
  • Added an option to disable movement on certain axis
  • Added a dialog to enter names for the groups of bricks
  • Added a command to create ‘arrays’ of bricks
  • Added commands to select all/invert/by name/none bricks
  • Added an option to make the default action not move after inserting a part
  • Added warnings if there are old DLLs installed
  • Added tooltips for the parts list
  • Changed the toolbars
  • Changed the viewpoint dialog
  • Fixed a bug with the zoom extents
  • Fixed a bug with the paste command
  • Fixed a bug with the file version warning
  • Fixed a bug when changing the step of multiple bricks
  • Fixed some bugs with menu items not being correctly disabled